What is Thai Yoga Massage?

Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic massage technique based on Ayurvedic and yogic teachings dating back 2500 years—to the time of Buddha himself! Despite its ancient lineage, Thai Yoga Massage is a new form of massage for most of our Discover Touch clients in Philadelphia.

In Thai Yoga Massage, the client and masseuse create a dynamic partnership patterned on yoga postures. Typically performed on a mat on the floor (although the table is also an option), Thai Yoga Massage includes a series of guided yoga postures accompanied by rhythmic palming and pressing up and down the body’s energy points—called “sen lines” in Thailand.

Like other forms of Asian bodywork, including acupuncture or Qigong, Thai Yoga Massage works on the premise of freeing energetic pathways in the body. Western medicine acknowledges the effectiveness of energetic healing yet admits it is “difficult to reconcile with contemporary biomedical information.”

Translated to a Western view, then, Thai Yoga Massage facilitates circulation to muscle tissues, which then benefit from increased oxygen and nutrition.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

Like other forms of massage, Thai Yoga Massage has been shown to provide significant pain relief as well as “improvements in disability, perceived muscle tension, flexibility and anxiety.” Researchers have noted “pre- to post-treatment pain reductions, varying from 25% to 80%.” (Source).

A type of Thai Yoga Massage, court-type, which focuses on specific major signal points, was also revealed to be more effective than a pharmaceutical drug in the relief of chronic tension type headaches: “Based on the present findings,” the researchers noted, “[Thai Yoga Massage] could serve as an alternative therapy for the treatment of CTTH patients” (Source).

By balancing the body’s energetic pathways, the holistic nature of the treatment often translates to full body pain relief, increased energy, and profound relaxation for many clients.


Serge Bogoutski, Discover Touch’s massage specialist, is one of a handful of high quality Philadelphia area Thai Yoga Massage practitioners. Now you can experience the profound energetic benefits of Serge’s Thai Yoga Massage in a 60, 90, or 120-minute appointment. To book your appointment, schedule online or call: 267-603-3530.