What is Sports Massage?

Swedish massage, the inspiration for most popular massage techniques, eases stress and tension in the muscles, relieving minor aches and pains in the body. However, massage techniques based on Swedish massage do not adequately treat athletic pain or injury. 

Athletes often require deep musculature healing. Athletes also require conditioning to strengthen muscles prior to events and to promote speedy, post-event recovery.

Sports massage is an effective treatment for athletic injury. Sports massage is also the most effective massage technique for conditioning muscles before and after competition or intense exercise.

Serge Bogoutski, Discover Touch’s massage therapist, has invented a profoundly effective form of sports massage based on centuries-old Russian massage techniques. As Massage Today notes, Russian massage was unknown in the US until the 1980s. However, the technique has a long history in Russia, with an esteemed pedigree: “Massage was taught in medical and athletic establishments only.”

In fact, as Massage Today notes, “The only two ways someone could receive massage in Russia were to have a physician's prescription or to be a member of an athletic team” (Source).

Serge’s sport massage employs a deeper, more vigorous pressure, often down to the bone. This deep pressure is combined with a slower, more deliberate stroke, which creates friction in the body, warming the muscles and instigating deep healing. 

Serge’s unique technique has helped local Philadelphia athletes, like Joel Embiid, as well as everyday people who lead active lifestyles recover from injury and perform at peak performance.

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Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is an effective treatment for healing specific athletic injuries. Sports massage can also help athletes, everyday people, and weekend warriors recover from nagging pains.

Traditional massage techniques based on Swedish massage can improve circulation throughout the body and to the heart. Sports massage works on a deeper level, increasing oxygen in the blood and promoting healthy circulation while also loosening deep-rooted tension.

By softening and stretching the muscles and nerve bundles, sports massage can heal recent injuries and even relieve decades-old aches and pains.

Beyond the profound healing effects, sports massage is also the best treatment for rejuvenation before and after competition or strenuous work.


Sports massage, the specialty of Discover Touch’s massage therapist, Serge Bogoutski, is a life-changing treatment for athletes or others who perform at a high level. Serge’s proprietary sports massage is based on centuries-old Russian techniques still popular today.

Philadelphia area residents can now experience the benefits of Serge’s sports massage in a 60, 90, or 120-minute appointment. To book your appointment, schedule online or call: 267-603-3530.