Discover Touch Reviews

Vedra Chandler
Serge is one of the most effective therapists I've ever visited. I have been a dancer and singer for many years. I have the opportunity to experience the services of many elite therapists during my contracts with Broadway musicals as well as while touring with Cirque Du Soleil. Serge is without a doubt one of the best. The information he can gather about the body just through touch is remarkable as are the results. I feel younger, more agile, less pain and more energized after my visits. I look forward to every visit knowing that he will always do what's best for my body regardless of what ails me. I highly recommend his service. (Date: 11/29/2017)

Irena S
Excellent massage therapist! I had difficulties achieving my elbow motion after medial epicondyle fracture. None of my PT visits were helpful and my arm stayed stiff. After 6-8 visits to Serge, my arm became completely straight. Now I hardly believe I had such a serious fracture about 7 months ago

Dave S
I have always been active and my job is quite physical. My body is beginning to pay me back for the years I showed it no mercy. I try to see Serge a couple of times a month at least, and I have much more energy for days after the massage and the pain disappears, like he has a magic wand. I appreciate that he has online booking, with my unpredictable schedule. I love the shea butter he uses for massage – it has been great for my dry skin sensitive skin. I started using it for moisturizing at home, too. Thank you, Serge!

Joyce Santiago
Serge is a real professional. He did such a great job! I have received many different kinds of massages before and this was the best by far. Definitely worth it…. I would recommend it to anyone whether in pain or simply for relaxation.

Donna Scott
Serge’s technique is individual to fit whatever your health issue is! I have brought him to Vogue Fashion Night Out, my Filming with MobWives , refer my Family and Clients! This Massage is a MUST experience! You will feel brand new! Call Serge 267-603-3530 the Best Massage Therapist

Stuart J
I really enjoyed the massage…. Thank you for making it such a great experience. I look forward to scheduling another session soon. Sincerely

Sgt Nate Griffin
I treated myself to an early birthday (31MAR13) present in the form of 75 minute sports/relaxation massage by Serge today. Totally awesome, relaxing, therapeutic and professional.

Thomas F Bresnahan Jr
I had the pleasant experience of a “Serge Signature Massage” this afternoon. I hadn’t realized the extreme, healthy benefits of a “Serge”massage. I truly feel like a “New Man”!!!. Can’t wait till next week to get tuned-up again. I’ve been receiving massage therapy for over 20+ years, and have yet to find a therapist as gifted as Serge.

Toby Reynolds
This was the best massage I ever had. Serge makes you feel like a new person when he is done. the oiles he uses smell wonderful and the soft music it is just great. serge you are the best.

As a busy mom/ wife/ sales agent, I find it hard to set aside time for me. But my back pain due to spinal issues always reminds me to take care of myself too. Serge is the best massage therapist to treat my back condition and overall help me feel more relaxed and always leaves me in a healthier state. His hot stone massage is the best I've ever had (and I have been to many places ). I definitely recommend Serge! Thank you!

Best massage ever Serge is completely expert. As an athlete and professional masseur, he is well-learned in all things anatomy. He is the consummate healer, even for people with herniated disks, sprains, injuries and other challenges. I recommend him highly.