What is Relaxation Massage?

At Discover Touch Massage, we work with many clients who have experienced injuries, chronic tension, or muscle pain. For these problems, we advise a series of deep, restorative treatments, which may include modalities like deep tissue massage or bamboo massage.

Of course, these treatments can induce a deep sense of relaxation, but relaxation is often a secondary goal—the true goal is muscle and tissue healing. Also, since these treatments may include deeper muscle and tissue work, some clients may find the pressure uncomfortable at times.

For those looking for a gentle treatment, we advise relaxation massage, which is designed to soothe your worries and ease your tension, inspiring a deep calm that can last for days.

Like many forms of modern massage, relaxation massage is a variation of Swedish massage, though you may find the massage to be more smooth and rhythmic than other Swedish-based therapies.

In relaxation massage, a therapist uses smooth, gliding strokes with a lighter touch that is relaxing and never painful. Expect a gentle pace and a serene atmosphere that may induce sleep during the treatment—and for many evenings after the treatment.

Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Beyond the common benefits of massage, which include pain relief and circulation stimulation, the main benefit of relaxation massage is, of course, stress relief and relaxation. After receiving relaxation massage, many of our clients have reported a sense of well being, a lucid mind, and improved sleep. As we noted before on our blog:

"Sleep is especially important for those suffering from chronic pain, migraines, restless leg syndrome, or chronic fatigue. Primary care physicians often prescribe regular massage and better sleep as a part of a comprehensive treatment program. But few doctors note that massage and sleep are directly related: by decreasing stress, massage can improve the quality and duration of sleep."


Discover Touch’s massage specialist, Serge Bogoutski, performs relaxation massage with a medium pressure designed to simulate and rebalance energy while focusing on the parts of your body that hold the most tension. Do you crave relaxation? You can experience the benefits of Serge’s gentle relaxation massage in a 60, 90, or 120-minute appointment. To book your appointment, schedule online or call: 267-603-3530.