What is Hot Stone Massage?

Massage therapists often use smooth, heated stones as an adjunct to traditional massage or as a stand-alone massage therapy. In both cases, therapists use heated stones to warm the muscles, facilitating a deeper massage.

Basalt, an iron and magnesium-rich rock, is the stone of choice for its smooth texture and exceptional heat-retaining properties. Some therapists use heated basalt to knead and stroke the flesh, much like a traditional massage. Other therapists lay heated basalt on specific body points—as in acupuncture, the placement of stones along energetic pathways improves energy flow in the body.

The use of heated stones for massage dates back 2,000 years, to China, where Traditional Chinese Medicine advocated hot stone therapy to improve organ function. As a modern therapy, hot stone massage was “invented” by May Nelson, in 1993, as “LaStone Therapy.” As Massage Magazine notes, “Stone massage has blossomed since then into a multimillion-dollar industry.”

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Like other forms of massage, hot stone massage can help relieve muscle tension and/or pain, improve immune function, alleviate stress and/or anxiety, and induce a sense of well being. Many of our clients at Discover Touch believe hot stone massage is the most relaxing type of massage.

Be sure to ask your therapist how he/she intends to use hot stones during your massage. Also, because sensitivity levels vary from person-to-person, speak up during the massage if the stones are too hot for your comfort.


Discover Touch’s massage specialist, Serge Bogoutski, uses hot stone massage as both a stand-alone therapy and an adjunct to more traditional therapies. His goal in both cases is to ease tension in the body, encouraging a deep state of relaxation. He advises hot stone massage for those who feel inordinate stress or tension. You can experience the benefits of Serge’s gentle hot stone applications in a 60, 90, or 120-minute appointment. To book your appointment, schedule online or call: 267-603-3530.