Relaxation Massage = Better Sleep

Massage therapies are often categorized in two ways: therapeutic massage or relaxation massage. Therapeutic massage offers relief from pain or injury. Relaxation massage, as the name implies, offers stress-relief. Of course, both categories offer interchangeable benefits, including pain or stress-relief, and many practitioners do not draw a distinction between the two.

At Discover Touch Massage of Philadelphia, “relaxation massage” refers to a medium pressure massage that will rebalance your energy while focusing attention on the body parts where you hold tension. Relaxation massage is an effective treatment for managing stress or chronic pain. Relaxation massage also improves sleep and can even manage or cure insomnia—a condition that effects 1 in 3 people.

Is sleeplessness or insomnia effecting your day-to-day life?

Common Symptoms of Sleeplessness

A sleepless night may have a detrimental effect on your daily routine. Chronic sleeplessness, however, can be “devastating,” according to Gayle Greene, author of Insomniac.

"Sleep is the fuel of life." Green said to NPR. "It's nourishing; it's restorative. And when you are deprived of it, you are really deprived of a basic kind of sustenance."

Without the sustenance of sleep, in fact, you deteriorate rapidly. You may feel fatigued all day. Your work may suffer as your concentration declines. You may even experience appetite changes and weight fluctuations. Some may lose their appetites; others may increase binge or stress eating.

Your mood may decline, too. As Harvard Medical School reports:“subjects who were limited to only 4.5 hours of sleep a night for one week reported feeling more stressed, angry, sad, and mentally exhausted.”

Obviously, too, the emotional stress can take a toll on relationships with family, friends, and professional colleagues.

Relaxation Massage Manages Stress

Stress interferes with sleep. Sleeplessness increases stress. This “sleep-stress cycle,” as the American Psychological Association calls it, can create an insidious feedback loop: as our sleep decreases our stress levels increase; as stress increases sleep becomes even more elusive.

Sleep is especially important for those suffering from chronic pain, migraines, restless leg syndrome, or chronic fatigue. Primary care physicians often prescribe regular massage and better sleep as a part of a comprehensive treatment program. But few doctors note that massage and sleep are directly related: by decreasing stress, massage can improve the quality and duration of sleep.

End the Roller Coaster Ride

At Discover Touch we have noticed that many people who suffer chronic physical discomfort experience symptoms that come and go. Many patients heed their doctor’s prescription forrelaxation massage therapy. Once the pain and stress evaporate, however, these patients stop treatments. Eventually the pain returns, stress increases, sleep diminishes, and patients find their personal and professional relationships deteriorating.

Regular relaxation massage can ease this roller coaster ride of emotions, stress, and physical discomfort. For this reason, we recommend relaxation massage as part of a normal healthcare routine.

Physical Benefits of Relaxation Massage

Of course, regular relaxation massage treatments can do more than ease stress and improve sleep. Relaxation massage stimulates blood oxygenation and circulation, easing chronic pain permanently. Relaxation massage also boosts the immune system, eases blood pressure problems, and can even improve skin tone.

On the other hand, these disorders can be effectively treated, if not cured, with quality sleep—perhaps the most important benefit of relaxation massage.

Now Philadelphia residents can take advantage of relaxation massage, a remarkable technique that provides positive, life-affirming changes in a 60-minute, 90-minute, or 120-minute session

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