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Philadelphia Massage Therapist

Discover Touch is a Philadelphia massage clinic specializing in ongoing strain and injury prevention. Run by a professional in traditional Russian bodywork techniques, we refine our approach to healing the muscle systems of the body with modern research and medical knowledge. Our mission is to optimize the body’s resistance to damage from high activity and passive stress accumulation, and restore weaknesses from past errors.

Our massage specialist, Serge Bogoutski, has over 16 years of professional experience helping clients throughout the Philadelphia area overcome the tearing, pulling, and inflammation of their lifestyles. He works to return the bodies of our clients to a state of high functioning and comfortable mobility.


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What we offer

Modern living places unnatural strain on the muscles of the back, neck, chest, and shoulders. Prolonged exposure to simple everyday actions like sitting at a desk, workout routines, or repetitive motion in sports can cause muscular damage and chronic pain. People need a way to continue their lifestyle without risk of cumulative injury to the most vulnerable areas of their body. Discover Touch provides that throughout the Philadelphia region.

Most people don’t realize that the right kind of massage has the power to fortify the body against these daily stressors. By working with a massage specialist in injury prevention, you can actually recover from decades of improper posture and exercise. Regular preventative massage treatment ensures you won’t have to worry about deterioration as you get older.

Instead of treating someone only after pain is present, the Discover Touch method applies regular, targeted bodywork, the benefits of which compound with each consecutive session.

Anyone in Philly who is worried about repetitive muscle strain can learn more about our preventative massage treatment plans, or book an appointment with Serge on his nearest available opening. Clients who commit to a regular treatment schedule for three months or more come away with heightened range of motion, increased daily comfort, and a renewed ability to perform in high and low activity situations. Discover Touch is dedicated to educating our clients about muscular health principles and the power of massage treatment.

Our unparalleled reputation for helping local sports teams—like the Philadelphia 76ers—perform at peak performance, has made Discover Touch the “top pick” for local athletes.

Our massage specialist, Serge Bogoutski, has extensive experience working with a variety of sports teams, from amateur to professional. Applying our unique Discover Touch method, Serge has helped countless athletes recover from the rigors of training and competition.

Serge also specializes in sports-related injuries, which respond well to dynamic therapeutic massage.

In this photo, Serge proudly poses with another satisfied client, 76ers phenom, Joel Embiid.